Secret Diary of a Stall Girl

Billie Piper was not involved in the making of our market stall. However, the event did contain, indian takeaways, Lucozade and two extremely tired individuals!

The first few hours of selling were very slow, which lead to Jaz almost hyperventilating. However by mid afternoon spending had begun, much to our relief.

market stall pics

Big thanks to Magpie Markets for hosting the event as well as those who painted carrier bags, cut out greetings cards, helped on the stall, transported stock and made cups of tea!

Please contact us if you would like to purchase anything. We hope to be online very soon.


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Special Delivery

Ladies and gentlemen. Our market preparations have taken a turn for the serious, we’re being all professional and everything.

Carrier bags, price tags, clothes hangers and envelopes are now in our midst and we are on our way to getting a cash box!

Don’t worry, we’re still a real laugh but Zoë has a much more sincere look in her eyes and Jaz wears a tie.



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Fiddling with felt tip pens and photoshop, coming up with poster ideas.


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Just an amuse bouche of what you can expect from the Christmas Market stall.   

T W E N T Y   D A Y S 

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Count Down To Christmas (market)



F O R T Y  D A Y S ! !



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October 22, 2012 · 9:56 am

grubby fingernails/a packet of cookies

What we did in the studio today

(screen exposure, dip dyeing, printing, being a right coupla mucky pups!)


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Today I drank some soup (tomato), read The Big Issue, dyed a lot of calico and fought off frostbite.
Much love to all that read this.
x x x

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February 5, 2012 · 9:20 pm